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We get results, we don't get caught and we work highly confidential with your information.
We use the very latest and very best technology.
 (Spyware, surveillance, videos, photos)
We are a team of well trained and highly experienced investigators.
We investigate cheating spouses,missing people, theft, fraud, restraint of trade, tracing of assets and lost property, computer matters, cell phone matters,
We also investigate all family matters such as divorce investigation, tracing of assets, non payment of maintenance, persons hiding assets and living conditions of children at the other parent
Our business was established more than 28 years ago
We use the latest technology during our investigations.
We also sell a wide range of spy equipment for the DIY person.
Do you suspect that someone is listening to your telephone, cell phone or any other private conversation. We can check for you and clean your phone, office or house from bugs/listening devices and hidden cameras.
We also install hidden cameras, listening devices etc.
All information given to us and all information gathered by us is confidential and handled as such.